Spiral Knights Eco-Fest 2020

Eco - Fest


    Free and Real is proud to present the 4th
    Spiral Knights Eco-Fest 2020
    A 10 day event for the 10 years of Free and Real's Creation
    Celebrating Science, Reason & Sustainability

    "After careful consideration and after organizing 3 successful Spiral Knights Eco-Festivals in a row, we decided to take one year hiatus and focus more in the further infrastructure development of the Telaithrion Project's land.

    It was not easy making this decision, but considering all the different options and data we had at hand, we will be coming back for the 4th Spiral Knights Eco-Fest on September of 2020, celebrating our 10 year anniversary since starting the project here in Evia Island, back on September of 2010!

    So stay tuned for further updates and news and promise this long wait for the next Free and Real festival to have a magnificent payoff!
    Thank you all"

    *This September of 2019 we plan to run a huge 10 day "Eco-Building Academy" on the mountain site, with hundreds of participators and an amazing program!
    More details will be available very soon through all our mediums!

    All details will be uploaded very soon @ www.spiral-knights.com
    Thanks for sharing and hope to see you all there!
    The Spiral Crew

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