Dec 21
“Πουγκιά με κάστανα και μανιτάρια”- Συνταγή του μήνα.

 Από τον Chef Νίκο Γαϊτάνο  / Δεκέμβριος 21, 2018.   “Πουγκιά με κάστανα και…

Nov 13
Ready for Vegan Shoes!

Μήπως τελικά  δεν είναι και τόσο δύσκολο να βρούμε vegan παπούτσια; Ψάξαμε, μπήκαμε σε…

“VEGAN GUIDE GREECE” is coming in response to a burgeoning demand, from a Greek and global demographic that has embraced a vegan way of life and philosophy, so that the “vegan lifestyle” is rendered easy and accessible to everyone. 

Our main concern is informing and guiding consumers in the realm of vegan and vegan-friendly businesses in Greece. 

Our project is a complete map of all vegan businesses, as well as e-shops, ranging from restaurants, food, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics, to events and tattoo shops.

 A complete guide dedicated to those who seek a peaceful, but also healthy lifestyle.